John R. Adams, Financial Advisor



125 Lincoln Avenue Ste. 200
Santa Fe, NM 87501-2021


(505) 982-1904,(800) 233-4108 toll-free


(505) 982-1909

My Mission, Vision, & Benefits Statement

Mission Statement

To help create financial independence for myself and my clients:
Freedom to address short term financial needs;
Freedom to plan for long term financial goals;
Freedom to financially help family and others in the community.

Vision Statement

Each client will potentially have:Adequate liquidity to deal with interruptions in income;
Tools to become an educated consumer of financial services;
An investment policy statement that will help guide decisions for at least 5 years;
A strategic plan matched to long term goals;
A tactical roadmap that is  appropriate to current economic conditions.


Clients can apply their values to competing priorities for the future, measure
progress against quantified milestones and avoid impulsively reacting to the news of the day.



Picture from old office
A horse names Gracie
A horse named Gracie